A combination of our Delphi Discs and Mintex 1155 Pads, this all in one kit offers a full car set of good quality discs and pads. The Mintex 1155 pad is a very good all round brake pad combined with the Delphi quality of disc its a perfect track combination to just drop onto the car.


The Mintex 1155 is considered one of the best all round road & track pad, it performs well on the road as well as on the track, with a friction coefficient similar to that of the Carbone Lorraine RC5+


We can also offer a 308mm sized front Discs ( +£25.00)


This set includes:

4x 288mm Delphi Vented Discs

2x Front Mintex 1155 Brake Pads (Pair)

2x Rear Mintex 1155 Brake Pads (Pair)


Delivery : Free Delivery to UK.

Will Fit : VX220 / VX220 Turbo & VXR

SKU : BRK002

Manufacturer : Mintex & Delphi

Brake Pad & Disc Set (Track)