Toyo Proxes R888R


The Toyo Proxes R888R is a performance and high performance, depending on the speed rating of the specific tire size, summer DOT approved tire manufactured for racing vehicles.

The tire guarantees great summer weather performance. The durable high-grip tire compound and the asymmetric tread design enhance the dry and wet weather road gripping ability. They boost the tire’s traction in such weather conditions to ensure a secure performing capability. The special water evacuation channel helps prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water from below the footprint. The excellent summer traction earned the tire its DOT approval, for it to be allowed to be used on highway terrains.

The model is easily controlled even at high speeds. The tread features a continuous center rib that upgrades the tire’s steering responsiveness and driving stability. The better contact with the road surface improves the high speed steering response time and accuracy to the driver’s instruction, while it also stabilizes the structure against the high speed driving pressure affecting the model. The tire’s high-grip race compound boosts the tire’s road grip and helps prevent heat build-up forming on the tread area. This eases the driving pressure off the tire and ensures its first-rate high speed performance.

The Proxes R888R promotes a secure maneuvering capability. The asymmetric tread design’s optimal road contact area significantly improves the braking ability. It creates friction at the moment of braking between the tire and the road surface, which greatly shortens the braking distance, even during the tire’s high speed racing performance. The asymmetric pattern’s wider outer shoulder area provides additional biting edges that grip the road surface at all times. They enhance the grip the tire has on the road surface during its cornering, which upgrades the maneuvering safety.


These are the standard Lotus Exige 17" wheel fitment. These will also fit Lotus Elise and VX220 models. 


Will Fit : 17" Alloy Wheels (7" / 7.5" / 8.5" wide) 

Manufacturer: Toyo Tires

Toyo Proxes R888R (225/45/17)