Chris bought his 19,000 mile VX220 in early 2007 and it didn't take very long before the modifications started coming. In 2009 Chris supercharged his car to stage II (250bhp), by mid 2010 the car had been upgraded to stage III (300bhp) and this is when he did his first track day and where the love for all things motorsport really kicked in.


In 2011 he joined a couple of other enthusiasts and entered a VX220 in the 2011 UK Time Attack. Bringing home a championship win it fueled us to enter 2012 and 2013 where we won both championships in our class!. After our success in the UK we were invited overseas to the European Time Attack Masters where we finished 2nd!. 


Between 2015 & 2018 Chris was the service mechanic for the well known Jon Seal Sportscars, taking on scheduled servicing, rebuilds right through to custom supercharger installations and total engine conversions before setting up Type 116 Motorsport. 

Through the many years dealing with the Lotus & VX220 platform we have put together many projects and learnt a lot of valuable experience with these Norfolk born sportscars!.