This car was a 10,000 mile vx220 turbo and already clean for its age. The customer had one goal, to be one of the cleanest VX220 turbos around. We had a long list of things to do. 

The car had all of the suspension and wishbones stripped from the car and dismantled to go for powdercoating. Along with the wishbones, the calipers needed stripping down and refinishing as did the nasty looking driveshafts.

We stripped the car all the way back to just the chassis, the entire front of the car was removed and we installed a new Pro Alloy chargecooler & radiator, pipes and new fittings were put back in. The crashbox was cleaned up and all the original markings which it had when it left the factory were all replaced with new white paint marker!

The hubs were being replaced with FAG bearings, one of, if not the best wheel bearings you can buy. 

The calipers were painstakingly sanded back to metal to remove all of the awful red caliper paint,  and gone back over with metal primer and finished with a black heat resistant paint!

There was a new TTV lightweight Flywheel and Crank pulley to install as well as a new high torque clutch kit from Helix Autosport. 

Apart from looking beautiful, the TTV Lightweight flywheel weighs an impressive 4.2kg. Saving nearly 5KG over the stock unit. 

We also installed one of our balance delete kits onto this Z20LET engine. 

Further improving the responsiveness of the engine.

The subframe was removed and sent off to be powder coated with the rest of the parts. Going silver and staying as close to OEM as possible. Also a nice 3" decatted Chris Tullett exhaust was fitted together with Spitfire Engineering toe links. 

After everything was installed, the car was thoroughly cleaned down to the minutest detail. 


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From way back in 2007 to now, we have lots of experience with the Lotus and VX220 platform. From fault finding to race prepping we have done it all! 


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