Carbone Lorraine RC5+ (BBK Front Caliper - 4 Pot Caliper)

RC5+ - The newest compound in the CL range, the RC5+ was developed for lightweight vehicles or racing in low grip conditions (street tyres, gravel, mud, snow, water, etc.). An excellent track day compound. It offers moderate friction levels, low noise, is easy on OEM discs, and has excellent cold stopping power. Additionally, it can be used on the front or rear axle of vehicles to change the brake bias where standard bias adjustment is not possible.


Average Friction Coefficient  µ = 0.40



Will Fit : Lotus & VX220

SKU : BRA007

Manufacturer : Carbone Lorraine (5038W4ST16RC5)

Carbone Lorraine RC5+ (4 Pot Caliper)