We have worked together with Gaz Shocks to create a VX220 Monotube Shock that can be used on the road as well as on the track!  We have 2 specific versions to meet your needs.  Street Version - Working Ride Height Range 115/125 - 125/135Track Version - Working Ride Height Range  105/115 - 115/125 The street version is designed to run just under standard ride height, so you can lower the car without compromising the working range of the shock. This shock is our best seller its a perfect compromise between road handling and track driving.  The track version is designed for the all out track car, as such its designed to run lower. Whilst these operate in the same way as the street version due to it running a lower ride height you might have clearance issues on the road. We have been running these on our track car for years  and you do tend to scrape speedbumps on the road. Even without modified hubs and we have never had a CV boot failure.  You have an open choice when ordering your spring rates, based on my personal experience you couldn't go too far wrong with the proposed rates. Road - 350 / 450Road / Track - 450 / 550Track - 550 / 650 (lbs)Custom - tell us your own choice of spring rates Note: These are the latest design monotubes and have a silver / black aesthetic. These shocks are made to order Free Delivery in UK Will Fit : VX220, VX220 Turbo & VXR220SKU : GAZ003Manufacturer : Gaz Shocks

Gaz Monotube Shocks

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