Pro Alloy - Triple Pass Radiator


Dimensionally identical to their single pass radiator except the end tanks are divided internally.


The advantages of this are as follows;

  • The water remains in the cooler for longer as it has to make three separate passes of the core face.
  • Hot spots are eliminated as the water is forced to take a specific passage backwards and forwards across the core face.
  • Recommended for large power engined cars or cars with engine conversions.


High Performance Alloy Water Radiator with all holes pre drilled ready to fit making a simple straight replacement for the standard unit. Twin row 43mm thick, high efficiency alloy core with all aluminium end tanks, perfect for high pressure systems.


As of 2011 fitted with their new design side plates with expansion joints to make their cooler even stronger!


All Pro Alloy Radiator Cores are fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process to comply with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.


Suitable for: 

S1 Elise 

S2 Elise

S3 Elise

S1 Exige

S2 Exige






Available in Silver or Satin Black. 

Pro Alloy - Triple Pass Radiator