VX220 Modular Diffuser - (Gen2)Our diffuser has been designed in a modular fashion incase you damage a tunnel or strake you will not have to buy a new whole diffuser, instead you can just buy the section you need to make it as good as new! We have designed this diffuser specifically to promote increased airflow speeds which do offer real downforce benefits! Each of the 3 modular pieces are finished in a very high quality powdercoat for chip resistance, and then assembled afterwards for extra protection! The diffusers have all the holes for important cooling of the exhaust and heat extraction to stop the clam getting very hot! We also added the holes for the later NA undertray which has the access hatch!*Gen2 Information: Whilst flow testing our original design we noticed we could make further improvements to the design so we introduced these changes in our latest batch. All orders made after November 2020 will be Gen2 Editions.  The diffusers come with: - Aluminium fitting bar (optional)- 5x M5 Spire Clips- 10x M5 x 15mm A2-70 Stainless Bolts- 10x M5 x 20mmA2-70 Stainless Washers

VX220 Modular Diffuser