VX220 Switch Panel Kit


Replacement plug & play switch panel for the VX220 / Speedster!

Developed here, at Type 116 Motorsport we have tried to make this switch unit a straight forward plug and play solution to finally replace those old style switches! Can you believe those things are over 25 years old! used on the old vectra back in 1995!


Finding these original switches is becoming very difficult and if you can find them, you can see them fetching upwards of £30 each!!


We have had to custom make our own switch plugs from scratch so all you have to do is plug them in and away you go.


You can also request other style switches like a fan switch or even a blank switch to control the abs maybe.. the choice is yours!


Due to the switches used some minor, non-intrusive modification of the light switch housing will have to be made, just to make space for them sticking out the back.


*Product Pictured is the Carbon Fibre Vinyl (Matte) 


* This Switch Panel comes with 

Side Lights, Dipped Beam, Rear Fog & Hazard Light 



*All European Orders will be made as LHD. 

* Due to the high demand and lengthy manufacturing time, these are made in batches and might not be in stock at the time of purchase, your order will be logged and put onto a first come first serve list. 

VX220 Switch Panel (4 Button Model)